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BG Group - BG Group has created and implemented two new social investment programs that are changing the lives of children in the Houston area. The first of the two programs, BG Be Fit, is an innovative program that strives to improve the lives of overweight children by providing lessons on exercise and better eating habits for the children and their families. It is based on the MEND (Mind Energy Nutrition Diet) program that was developed in the UK, which is a clinically proven, community-based, child weight management program. BG Be Fit is teaching children about exercise and eating healthier for sustainable weight loss and a longer, healthier life.

The second program, the Eco-Learning Lab, enhances the environmental awareness of students and equips teachers with the tools they need to teach their students about environmental stewardship. BG Group engaged the support of key community partners, Texas Children’s Hospital and the Houston Zoo, to design and install both programs.

Both projects show quantitative and qualitative results. BG Be Fit has resulted in measurable weight loss and lifestyle changes in all participants, and as a new program cycle began in March for 15 families, an additional 30 families were interested in future programs. The Eco-Learning Lab has received an equally outstanding response, with 100% of the teachers saying they would recommend this program going forward, and the pilot group shared their materials with other classrooms in their schools. BG Group works to ensure that our communities benefit from our presence on an enduring basis, and both programs are tangible examples of our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.