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The British School of Houston (BSH) announces its 2014 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program test results. The school achieved a 100% pass rate for the fifth year in a row with the class of 2014 scoring an average score of 37 IB points, placing it in the top 12% of IB schools worldwide and outperforming all other IB schools in the Houston metro area.


Key Figures for 2014

• 10% achieved a score of 44 points placing them in the top 1% of IB students in the world

• 30% achieved a score of 40 plus points placing them in the top 5% of IB students in the world

• 75% achieved a score of 35 points or above automatically giving them access to top universities

throughout the US and the UK

• 95% significantly exceeded the IB world average of 29.8 points


Over the past five consecutive years the school's average score has been 35 IB points with record results of 37 points for the past two years, more than 7 points higher than the global average of 29.8 points.


Stephen Foxwell, Principal, commented, "BSH students' results have exceeded the IB world average in every single academic subject, often by a full level. IB results like these are a tribute to the students who gained them, to the families who supported them and to the truly exceptional quality of teaching that they have received from the staff at our school. The reputation of the IB Diploma Program at the British Schoolof Houston is now established, beyond question, as absolutely outstanding."


2014 University Placements


British School of Houston students also gained outstanding SAT and ACT scores and secured places, scholarships, and credits in both top US and UK universities, including West Point, Cornell, UT (Austin),and top 5 UK universities including the University of Durham and the London School of Economics.


The IB Diploma Program


The IB Diploma Program is a demanding academic program, widely recognized to be the most challenging course of study currently available to students between 16 and 18 years of age and highly valued by universities throughout the world. Scored out of 45 points, the IB Diploma program requires students to take six subjects including mathematics, science, two languages, humanities and an elective course. Additionally students study Theory of Knowledge, a course combining philosophy, religion and logical reasoning. They also undertake research, write a 4,000 word-essay and must be involved in community projects, completing a minimum of 150 hours of extracurricular activities within 18 months based around Creativity, Action, and Service. 


British School of Houston Post-16 Programs


The British School of Houston is among the first schools worldwide to offer the new and highly acclaimed IB qualification, the IB Career-Related Certificate (IBCC) and will be introducing UK A-levels from September 2014. The school also offers bi-lingual IB Diplomas in a number of languages including

English/French, English/Spanish, English/Dutch, English/German, English/Italian, and English/Mandarin among others. "We have over 45 different languages spoken within our school," said Amanda Foxwell, IB Coordinator, "and we feel it is crucial that we celebrate our students' linguistic and cultural diversity and that sense of international mindedness that is at the heart of the IB Diploma Program by offering students the opportunity to achieve this highly sought after qualification."


The British School of Houston


The British School of Houston is a private, pre-kindergarden-12th grade school located in northwest Houston. With a diverse student population, extensive extra-curricular activities, and an internationally- accredited curriculum, the school offers a challenging, broad course of study that culminates with the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB). For more information on the British School of

Houston, call 713-290-9025 or email