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The British School of Houston is delighted to announce that for the fourth year running its students have achieved that most elite of academic achievements, a 100% pass rate at the International Baccalaureate Diploma. The results for the class of 2013 are the best in the school’s history with students achieving an  average score of 37 IB points compared to a world average of 29.6. These results are truly outstanding and confirm the school’s position as one of the top IB schools worldwide.

Headline Figures

 100% pass rate
 100% exceeded the IB world average of 29.6 points.
 The average score of 37 IB points, places the average BSH student in the top 10% of IB students worldwide. 
 Top score of 43 IB points.
 92% of students achieved a score of over 35 points automatically giving them access to top universities throughout the US and the UK.
 92% of students achieved a Level 7 in at least one subject.
 40% of students achieved a Level 7 in two or more subjects.
 BSH top Science students achieved Level 7s in Higher Level Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
 25% of Higher Level English students achieved a Level 7, something only achieved by 2% of students worldwide each year.

“This is a truly outstanding set of results,’ said Amanda Foxwell, Deputy Head at the British School of Houston 
and Director of Post-16 Education. “These results are without question the best results in the school’s history. I send my warmest congratulations to all the students, to their delighted parents and to their teachers. We are all very proud of the class of 2013.”

The school was also delighted with its first graduate with Portuguese as part of the IB Diploma. The school has previously graduated students with Bi-lingual Diplomas in English with Dutch and English with French, and is introducing Bi-lingual Diplomas in English with German this year. “The school offers a wide range of languages as part of its World Languages Extension Programme including Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, 
Russian, Arabic, Mandarin and Japanese in addition to the core languages of Spanish and French,” said Amanda Foxwell. “The school is international in all senses of the word and we feel it is crucial that we celebrate our students’ linguistic and cultural diversity and that sense of international mindedness that is at the heart of the IB programme.” 

For university entry in Autumn 2013, British School of Houston students have secured places in top universities in the UK, Canada and the US. Students have secured places on the highly competitive courses at Russell Group Universities to study subjects as diverse as Medicine, Law, Business, Earth Sciences and Psychology. 

British School of Houston students have also been offered places at top US and Canadian Universities such as UCLA and McGill. Students gained excellent SAT and ACT scores, as a result of the comprehensive programme that the school runs for its students. 

The school also received its best BTEC Diploma results in the school’s history with one student achieving a triple Distinction* in the Extended Diploma in Business (equivalent to 3 A Levels at grade A*) and another student achieving Distinction* in five BTEC Diploma subjects (equivalent to 5 A Levels at grade A*). 

From 2014 the school will offer A Levels, as part of the expansion of post-16 provision. “This will ensure that BSH students have the widest possible range of high quality post-16 qualifications available to international students worldwide,” said Stephen Foxwell, Headteacher. “Such an offer is now appropriate given the enormous growth in applications for post-16 study that the school has received. The academic reputation of the British School of Houston is established, beyond question, as absolutely outstanding, and results like these are a tribute to the students who gained them, to the families who supported them and to the truly exceptional quality of teaching that they have received from the staff at our school."