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Innovation and partnership is the bedrock of the UK/US relationship. There will  be no better example of that than at the Shell and Pennzoil Grand Prix of Houston on June 27, 28 and 29.  BABC will be exhibiting at the event supporting Radical Texas. 

Radical Texas will be part of the on-track lineup at the Three Day Festival of Speed  at Reliant. Fans and racecar enthusiasts looking to experience the sheer thrill, purity of handling and outstanding performance of the UK-produced Radical sportscar will finally have a chance to get on track as a passenger and experience firsthand the thrill of racing one of these incredible sportscars. 

Radical sportcars combines an American Ford engine and a British chassis to create one of the most innovative, aerodynamic track cars in the world, boasting impressive craftsmanship and power to weight ratio. The Radical RXC Coupe is the latest addition to the Radical stable

“There’s going to be a lot of action at the Grand Prix of Houston this year and we’re adding to the excitement by giving fans a chance to get on the track and see firsthand the challenges of he Houston circuit,” says Ian Dawson, Partner at Radical Texas and legendary Le Mans technician, engineer, manager and team owner in auto racing. “As a Houston-based company, our goal is to offer a very unique experience on the IndyCar street circuit through Radical sportscars, which will soon be street legal in the United States.” 
“It is with great excitement that we add Texas Radicals to our on-track lineup," says Managing 
Director of the Houston Grand Prix, Austin Crossley. "After experiencing Radicals ourselves we know that these cars are truly spectacular, and will be a great compliment to IndyCar and the other great series already in our lineup."  

Radical Texas will offer four VIP corporate entertainment packages called “The Xperience at Grand Prix of Houston”. Fans can choose from four tiers that each provide an exciting range of benefits and activities - from customers driving their Radical racecars on track to passenger rides on the Grand Prix circuit, VIP hospitality and grand stand seating. Pricing and other information for The Xperience at Grand Prix of Houston can be found at