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Rugby Business Executives Association (RBEA) is collaborating with USA RugbyUSA Touch and local organizers to bring coed non-contact rugby to the World Corporate Games Nov. 16-19 in Houston. This is an incredible opportunity for a team from the USA to be crowned the "World Corporate Champions" and for future regional and local versions of the corporate games in the USA to add social rugby to their programs.

The games are primarily targeted to teams of professionals from one organization (ie, the "XYZ Corp." team). HOWEVER, there are no eligibility rules surrounding participation. Teams are fully free to be made up of players from multiple companies, or even no company affiliation at all (a "Sport for All" team).

The cost of entry is $99 per player until August 31 for teams of 8-10. After the 31st, it's $125. There are three men and three women per side at any point in time. There are local men and women’s rugby clubs in Houston if supplemental players are needed for a given team. Coaching and technical resources will be available.

Teams must be registered by August 31, 2017 or sooner if possible. Please contact us if you have an interest or questions.

Editor's note:

BABC Houston is pleased to support the World Coporate Games and the touch rugby initiative. We encourage our members and friends of BABC to participate. For further information on this event, see our calendar page.