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A little less than six years ago, social networking sites were an afterthought for most businesses. Today though, businesses of all sizes are beginning to realize the benefits of social media sites. Through social media, it is now easier than ever to connect with customers and gain valuable insightsUK-US into their buying habits.


Companies in the US and the UK are realizing this trend and are beginning to act on it. Below is a comparison of how companies in both of these countries are using social media. Social Media Statistics: US vs. UK To start, it is important to note the use of varying social network sites in the US and the UK. In the UK, 33 million people use Facebook 34 million people use Twitter Over 10 million have a profile on LinkedIn Comparatively, in the US, 155 million people use Facebook 8% of internet users in America use Twitter 91 million people have a profile on LinkedIn How UK Businesses are Using Social Media Seeing the growth in social networking sites, UK businesses are starting to adapt to the changing social media climate. In the UK alone, four out of five internet users visit social networks or blogs. Further, 53% of adults who use social accounts follow a favorite brand of theirs. In order to capitalize on this, 57% of all small businesses in the UK say they use social media in some form, with Facebook and LinkedIn profiles being used the most.


A study also shows that small businesses will be increasing their budgets for social media marketing as well. Some companies are planning to spend over 20% of their marketing budget on social marketing in the coming years. The goal for these companies is to increase brand awareness and sales. How US Businesses are Using Social Media While more and more UK based small businesses are becoming active on social networks, they are still lagging behind the US when it comes to mobile marketing. According to a study by Constant Contact, only 17% of UK small businesses have a site that is mobile compatible compared to 34% of small businesses in the US. Further, 73% percent of US small businesses that have a mobile site utilize social media marketing compared to only 17% of UK businesses. All of this in spite of the fact that 68% of UK small business owners own a mobile device. Given these statistics, if a UK company hopes to bring their business to the US, it is important for them to continue to embrace social media marketing and to increase their mobile marketing efforts. The planned increase in marketing budgets for companies is a good start. More focus in blog platforms as well as Twitter and Instagram will go a long way towards success in the US.