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Energy Corridor planning bus route to serve Katy

The Katy Energy Corridor workforce can look forward to easier transportation into downtown in the coming years.

Beginning in 2017, the Energy Corridor District will provide Katy Energy Corridor commuters a convenient, direct route to the area that begins in their own backyard.

Energy Corridor District Transportation Manager John Nunez said that a survey of commuters taken in the spring of 2014 brought the idea of a direct Katy route to the forefront of the District’s mind. The survey consisted of about 1,000 responses from Energy Corridor workforce members, many from the Katy area.

“Katy is where large concentrations of the Energy Corridor workforce reside,” Nunez explained. “We think it’s necessary because they (the Energy Corridor) have a demographic base of workers who live in the Katy area.”

With such a large faction of its workforce commuting from Katy, Nunez pointed out that the route will assist in alleviating the stress created by highways morphing into congested parking lots on a daily basis.