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From writing about how to get a hold of VC’s in London, to finding great co-working spaces there, or reasons of going to the UK in the first place - we have covered it all. 

This time around, however, we will be talking about the chance of actually setting up your company in London or Manchester at nearly zero cost.

After all, even if you want to go to London and set-up shop, there is a lot of work and research involved. What is the process of setting up the company? How much is that going to cost? How to structure your company in order to optimise for tax? What other legal questions to consider? Where to set-up the office and how much would that cost? All of that will cost time and money.

However, UKTI, just announced a competition by the UK government, where the winners will receive a complete package that will let them open an office in the UK almost immediately and at nearly zero cost.