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HOUSTON, Texas – Oct. 31, 2014 – FosterQuan LLP, a global immigration law firm providing comprehensive solutions for businesses, families and individuals, announces their rebranding to Foster. The firm’s rebrand and new name is part of their longer-term growth strategy and ongoing focus to deliver the highest caliber immigration services to multinational organizations.

“Our firm’s success depends on supporting our global clients’ individualized and unique immigration-related needs,” said Robert Loughran, partner, Foster. “Our rebranding to Foster, as well as our new logo and website, reflects our desire to create an enduring, signature brand. The new brand identity captures our mission to deliver customized immigration solutions to meet the needs of organizations specific to their size, culture, industry and market strategy.”

The rebranding also reflects the departure of Gordon Quan. FosterQuan was formed from the merger of Tindall & Foster, and Quan, Burdette & Perez in January 2009.

“Gordon will certainly be missed at the firm. He is a powerful community leader and passionate immigration attorney,” said José R. Pérez, partner, Foster. “We are grateful for his leadership contributions and wish him the best as he returns to family-oriented and individual immigration legal matters.”