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BABC Member Houston Dynamo


Dear BABC Members, 

Hope you are feeling wonderful, cool weather is coming (hopefully not too cool), school is in session, and we’re on sale with 2016 full season tickets!

As you know the early bird gets the worm, and right now is the best time to choose from best available seat locations, and prepare and build excitement toward the 2016 season.

In order to prepare you both from a time commitment and financial commitment perspective here is some information to help you with this decision.

#1 – The season runs from March through October (8 months). We will have 18 home games including 1 big international match. On average that is only 2 home games per month, typically on a Saturday night. We do not have day games. Our games are exactly 2 hours long, so you are in-and-out before you know it.

#2 – Here is a link to the pricing online “per seat” for the entire season. We will NOT have some locations available because we already have around 12,000 full members and our stadium only holds 22,000. What that means is soccer is growing in the country and in Houston. Every year we renew a higher percentage of members, and sell more new members. So join us, enjoy 1 year, and relocate the next year. Thankfully you won’t have to be on a waiting list an entire season or more just to get in the building.

My job is to assist you in this decision, get you the best seat and the best price. If you have any questions and would like to talk about it over the phone give me a call. Check with friends, family, with the unlimited flexible exchange program splitting season tickets is easier than ever.


Here’s to 2016! Have a great weekend.

Jonathan Likakis  Houston Dynamo | Senior Account Executive 
1001 Avenida de las Americas, Suite 200  |  Houston, Texas 77010
 Direct   713 276 7585