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Inspiring Houston to fall in love with Rugby.” These are the words Houston Strikers head coach Justin Fitzpatrick uses in his email signature block, a message to all what the Strikers intend to do in bringing rugby to Houston.

I had the pleasure of interviewing coach Fitzpatrick and he talked Major League Rugby, the Strikers’ combine, and rugby in Houston.

Jason Graves: A little about you coach; what is your overall coaching philosophy?

Justin Fitzpatrick: I believe in a continuity based game with individual players from 1-15 having the ability to take on an opponent and beat them, when coupled with a dominate set piece and an efficient defense you have the makings of a highly competitive team that plays exciting and engaging rugby for the players to play and the fans to enjoy.


Jason: What is your style of attack?

Justin: I love to see the ball played up off of the deck with point of contact moved quickly. When this is coupled with an uncompromising physicality you have some very attractive and winning rugby.