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The Sirius Programme was launched by UK Trade and Industry (UKTI), now part of the Department of International Trade (DIT), in 2013 to promote the UK as a destination for young entrepreneurs looking to locate promising new companies that would create jobs and economic benefits across the UK.

To date, Sirius has attracted over 2,300 gifted and ambitious individuals from 93 countries to apply for the programme, leading to 73 companies coming to the UK.

Management of the Sirius Programme has been transferred to a consortium of private and charity sector organisations to facilitate its growth and development. The support programme will be run on a not-for-profit basis. The seed funding for the startups will be sourced from UK private investors, benefiting from HM Treasury's Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), with the expectation of a strong investment return given the calibre of international startups and the support they will be able to access in the UK.

The consortium includes The Accelerator Network, Entrepreneurial Spark, NACUE, Natwest, (part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group), The Rain Gods and White Horse Capital. READ MORE