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The Law Office of Kathryn N. Karam PC is honored to have received the award for Best Service-Based Company Under 10 Employees during the ActionCoach Business Excellence Forum Awards dinner in Houston on February 20th. The organization received approximately 50 submissions for this award from across North America. The Law Office of Kathryn N. Karam PC is an immigration-focused law practice based in Houston. We believe the Houston community and the United States as a nation are enriched by the expertise, dedication, and drive of immigrants. We believe the United States will continue to be competitive in the international arena if we can retain talented, skilled people.
Our work is about helping people to identify what they want, what options they have, and what issues they might face. Then we help to address these issues so our clients have the best likelihood of achieving their desired result. We provide value to our clients in our expertise, responsiveness, and personalized strategies, and we use our creativity to find solutions. We want all of our clients – individuals, families or companies – to know that they have our attention. 
We're very proud to receive this honor and appreciate the guidance we've received from Sam Mugavero and the rest of the ActionCoach team in Houston.