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Dear Fellow Members of the BABC: 

I'm pleased to extend a warm invitation to you to join us for the BABC's Annual Transatlantic Business Conference, which we will be holding in Atlanta, Georgia, from May 20-22, 2014.  The Conference will offer a great opportunity to network and develop business with members of all the BABC's chapters throughout North America and the UK, as well as provide key insights on the Conference theme of Building Platforms for Growth & Success.   You can register, and follow planning for the Conference, at

In the meantime, I hope you will also be taking advantage of the business benefits offered by our transatlantic BABC network, as well as the benefits offered by your local BABC chapter, including the opportunities to:

  • Bring qualified employees and/or interns into the United States, from anywhere in the world, via our swift, cost-effective  J-1 Visa program. For more information, e-mail:
  • Promote your company and its services to the 2,500 members of all the BABC's chapters by becoming a Patron of the BABC and/or taking out a banner ad on the BABC's website. For more information, e-mail:
  • Market your products/services to other members of all the BABC's chapters by offering discounts to BABC members (contact your local chapter to have your offer posted), and take advantage of the discounts offered by other members of the BABC network.
  • Participate in the events of all the BABC's 22 chapters, on the same basis as local members of those chapters, when you are traveling (see Online Calendar).
  • Access the BABC's Online Membership Directory listing all the members of all its chapters (contact your local chapter for your password).

I look forward to seeing you in May - a lovely month in Atlanta! 

Best wishes,

Simon Talling-Smith
BABC President