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The Houston-Aberdeen connection continues to thrive as more companies from both sides of the pond are establishing roots in each of these two sister cities. Delegations from both cities are actively paving the way for new business opportunities by meeting with local city and business leaders to promote good business relations.

This is evidenced by the many Scottish companies that have been adding Houston to their global footprint, while likewise many Houston companies that have expanded into Aberdeen, Scotland, and the UK.

Gordon McIntosh and John ReynoldsRecently, two representatives from Aberdeen visited Houston and met with area businesses to discuss potential expansions of their business operations into Aberdeen.

They are Councillor John Reynolds, who is the depute provost of Aberdeen; and Gordon McIntosh, who is director of enterprise, planning and infrastructure for the Aberdeen City Council.

Reynolds said the common bond between Houston and Aberdeen has always been oil, and that the main purpose of the visit was to strengthen the links that these cities have enjoyed for many years.

Reynolds said, "The city of Aberdeen is looking to open the doors in Houston for companies that want to do business here, while also looking for Houston companies that want to expand into Europe and particularly Aberdeen."

McIntosh said, "One of the things were looking at is to have more meetings when we come back for OTC with companies that are headquartered in Houston, but that are also in Aberdeen, so that they have a presence in both locations. The most important ones are those companies that are headquartered here, and so we want to let them know how we can support them in Aberdeen."

Reynolds and McIntosh said they have been working as a team to promote the benefits to be gained for Houston-based companies in having operations in Aberdeen.