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BritishAmerican Business speaks for 500 UK and US companies on both sides of the Atlantic from our London and New York head offices. Our membership includes leading British companies and many of the largest US investors in the UK, contributing significantly to jobs, growth and innovation.

Our members are ambitious when it comes to their activities in the EU. We advocate an outcome that protects British business interests, secures US investment and investment-related jobs in the UK and promotes the UK as an attractive destination for investment going forward. The UK’s relationship with the EU must work for business. This paper lays out BAB’s key principles for its engagement with the UK government and main priorities for Britain’s exit from, and new partnership with, the European Union.


Committed to help building a fair, competitive and global Britain Britain has a long history of being an advocate for innovation and a business-friendly economy. This is why British-American businesses do business in and with the UK. BAB is committed to help building a fair, competitive and global Britain that draws on its success as a business destination and works in partnership with the EU and other countries.

The importance that an agreement is reached The success of British-American businesses in Britain is built on the economic integration of the UK and the EU. This integration will continue to serve as an anchor for future growth and innovation. It is key to transatlantic business that the UK Government does everything possible to ensure that an agreement with the EU is reached. Failure to reach an agreement before March 2019 will result in significant consequences for firms and the business climate.

Business needs time to adjust In order to minimize potential disruption and allow for business to maintain cross-border services and operations, the UK government should agree on a comprehensive implementation phase with transitional arrangements at an early stage of the negotiations so that business can prepare and adjust to the new arrangements.

New forward-looking solutions through government-business collaboration The negotiations between the UK and the EU are going to be complex. New and forward-looking solutions will be needed that serve business and build on the respective strengths of the UK and EU. Early and regular consultation with business will therefore be essential throughout the process, including on the critically important Great Repeal Bill.