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UOG 2014 - Universal Oil & Gas - Dead Sea 2014Universal Oil & Gas (UOG) is planning to attract a host of US energy players to the first ever major oil and gas conference in Israel, exploring the massive exploration and production opportunities recently identified there.


In an ambitious 4-day programme scheduled for November, 2014, London based UOG is inviting the industry to learn how it could change the way alternative petroleum sources are exploited around the world and profit from Israel’s accelerating bid for energy security.


“Former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, famously stated that Moses led the Israelis 40 years through the desert in order to bring them to the one spot in the Middle East that had no oil. Today the outlook couldn’t be more different. Pioneering extraction technology could now enable Israelis and their strategic partners to realise vast onshore and offshore energy reserves that were previously un-exploitable,” said UOG’s Chief Operating Officer, Joshua Beagelman.

Economic Potential and Pioneering Extraction

Gas production at the end of March 2013 helped push Israel’s economy to a high 5.1% growth in the second fiscal quarter of 2013 with over 30 trillion cubic feet of Israeli offshore natural gas reserves discovered in the last 4 years. A unique and relatively environmentally friendly oil extraction process similar to fracking is being developed in Israel for producing light crude from oil shale and Israel also has significant potential for offshore deepwater crude. Moreover, The World Energy Council estimates that it may hold a further 250 billion barrels of oil reserves.


It is against this striking economic forecast, that UOG is planning to bring Israeli stakeholders together with US energy expertise.


National Attractiveness Indices 

The venue for the conference, custom-built in Switzerland, is to be erected below the mountain fortress of Masada, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering delegates a stunning backdrop to a densely packed schedule of presentations, together with networking opportunities. The vision for the event is to showcase not only an extraordinary energy potential but also Israel’s developed infrastructure, educated workforce, technology expertise and western style rule of law and good governance - a singular proposition amongst emerging energy markets.


“UOG 2014 will be a remarkable legacy event offering US energy companies a golden opportunity to participate in an exciting new exploration and production frontier. It has the potential to generate substantial returns for energy companies and will in all likelihood be a tremendous force for economic and political stability in the Middle East and around the world,” said Michael Beagelman, UOG’s Chief Executive Officer.

UOG 2014 will be supported by a series of key briefings in the UK, US and Norway.  The first Lunch and Learn sessions are being held on Wednesday 16th October in Houston and November 12th at Marischal College, Aberdeen. UOG 2014 is supported by the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, Aberdeen City Council and the British American Business Council.


Notes to Editors

Issued by Arlene Searle of Granite PR on behalf of Universal Oil and Gas Ltd.

Universal Oil and Gas is a London based company established by father and son Michael and Joshua Beagelman to promote the internationalisation of the Israeli Oil and Gas Sector. For further information on estimates for Oil and Gas in the Levant basin please go to  Additional information on Israel’s GDP growth can be found at

Chairman of the Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries, Uri Aldubi speaking before OTC 2013 “The Israeli energy revolution has already begun, but in order to complete it, it needs investment and partnership with international energy companies”.



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