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BABC Member Rise and Shine Windows



It's obvious to most that high rise window cleaning is a dangerous job that comes with high risks and no room for mistakes. An analysis report compiled by OSHA lists 88 "recorded" window cleaning accidents over a 15-yer period, 62 of which resulted in fatalities. Whether it's a cradle hanging from roof cranes, or individual sests suspended from the building, the ever present danger of equipment malfunction, or human error, is always going to be there.........until now that is.

Rise and Shine Windows have revolutionized how mid to high-rise window cleaning is to be performed. With the use of a custom built window cleaning machine (exclusive to only Rise and Shine Windows in the Houston area), they first filter the water from its normal 300-400 PPM (parts per million) down to under 5 PPM. When you take impurities such as calcium and other dissolved solids out of regular water, it allows the water to dry streak free and residue free. 


How does it work?

highrise2a.jpgA safe area is secured off below. The machine is then attached to secure roof rigging. The unmanned machine then works its way up the building. With the use of thrusters to push it against the glass, it proceeds to remove the dirt with a rotating brush on its first pass up. As it returns to starting position on the ground, it passes over the same area of glass and rinses it using the filter water from the filteration system below. The glass will dry clean and streak free.


The benefits of this system are:

  • Significantly reduces liability and risk.
  • A streak free pure water window clean.
  • Reduce time to perform the clean over conventional methods, resulting in cost savings.
  • 100% environmentally friendly and chemical free.
  • Faster, safer and more efficient service compared to conventional methods.