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Texas Governor Rick Perry, Congressman Michael McCaul, Mayor Lee Leffingwell, State Rep. John Davis, State Rep. Rafael Anchia, and representatives from the Austin Chamber of Commerce and from UK companies doing business in Texas joined Philip Barton to release new study by the Perryman Group, measuring the potential gains in business activity in Texas of an EU-US free trade agreement. The study analyzed potential gains in gross product and in job growth.

Philip Barton remarked on the occasion:

“We know international trade is vital to growth on both sides of the Atlantic. We understand the need to do away with unnecessary barriers to commerce. And we know that competitive economies like Texas and the UK stand to gain most from this process of liberalization.

“This report backs that knowledge with hard data. It shows that a comprehensive trade agreement could create up to 166,000 jobs and generate up to $17 billion in additional gross output in the state of Texas alone.

“In the State of the Union address we heard the President announce the commencement of negotiations on a transatlantic trade partnership. This report should really focus minds in Washington and Brussels on the necessity of concluding those negotiations successfully. We owe it to our economies and people to make this a game-changing free trade deal.”