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BABC member International AutoSource


Vicki Ragavanis, a Senior Business Development Manager at International AutoSource, has been working in the expatriate industry for years helping companies create transportation policies for their assignees. Ragavanis wrote an article, “The U.S. Transportation Conundrum” that was featured in the August edition of Worldwide ERC Mobility magazine. Ragavanis’ piece highlights the lack of infrastructure in the United States, and the other challenges faced by incoming expats, such as credit history requirements.

 “As we think globally and act locally, it is imperative that organizations understand all facets of the host country” – Vicki Ragavanis

Ragavanis has spoken on the topic a number of times, having been invited to participate in panel discussions at global mobility conferences, discussing the impact the U.S. infrastructure has on Expats. She also co-hosted a webinar for Worldwide ERC on the topic.

Read an excerpt from her article “The U.S. Transportation Conundrum”.