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Truphone mobile network technology patent granted across Europe

IMSI Broker transforms international mobile-enabled devices into local ones

Truphone21 Oct 2014 – London, Truphone today announced that it has been awarded a patent for one of its core network technologies by the European Patent Office. The patent for ‘International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) Broker’ is the latest in a long line of mobile innovations developed by Truphone. These breakthroughs include the Truphone SIM and the Parachute Box – both enabling mobile networks to treat roaming subscribers to the same quality of service as local ones.

Truphone’s IMSI Broker has also been patented in Great Britain (separately to the EU process), USA, Australia, Singapore, Nigeria and South Africa.

The Truphone IMSI Broker allows a SIM to automatically switch its identity from home market to the visited country without user intervention. This means a customer can take their phone across international borders and rest assured the device will automatically select a local network that offers better data speed, network coverage – or lower costs – without the need to change their physical SIM card.  The Broker also supports users with multiple always-on local numbers allowing them to truly appear local in multiple countries.

The Truphone IMSI Broker could have far reaching impact in the international mobile device and mobile connected machine (M2M) industries. Machines, such as connected cars, must be able to cross borders without generating significant cellular roaming costs. The Truphone IMSI Broker could play a key role in ensuring full compliance with local regulators. Moreover, it could safeguard cost effective, convenient and quality mobile performance for connected devices while crossing borders.

James Tagg, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Truphone, said: “This is an important step forward for Truphone as we continue to secure our intellectual property portfolio for the coming years. IMSI Broker is a critical component of Truphone’s network architecture.  It is one of the unique technologies that differentiate us from other mobile operators. IMSI Broker allows us, and our customers, to make global connectivity simple and local. This new European patent is a result of the imaginative and collaborative efforts of Truphone development teams in Portugal, New Jersey and London”.

About the IMSI broker patent

EP2481227 has been granted and is now going through the translation and ratification stage to all the European Countries. The IMSI broker patent is also granted in: Great Britain (separately to the EU process), Singapore, Nigeria, USA, South Africa and Australia. Patents are pending in many other countries.

About Truphone

Truphone is the first mobile operator in the world without country borders. This brings people closer to their international contacts, makes them more productive, and gives them the international quality of service they deserve.

One of the ways that Truphone achieves this, is by providing people with multiple international mobile numbers on a patented single SIM card, so international contacts can always reach them by making high quality local calls, at a local rate.

Truphone’s approach also helps people talk, email and download just as they do at home, within a group of countries called the Truphone Zone. Bundles of voice, text and high speed data work across the Truphone Zone, which includes, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, USA and the UK.

In “Truphone World” an area of 66 countries that includes most of the world’s key business centers, Truphone provides people with a flat-rate pricing plan and better connectivity. The service works in over 200 countries across the world.

Truphone’s unique GSM network enables it to provide 24/7 multi-language support, and proactive monitoring of network performance within the Zone, to deliver a seamless and consistent international mobile experience.

Headquartered in London, Truphone has offices 10 offices across 4 continents and continues to expand globally. Clients include FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies across multiple sectors. To learn more, visit