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Image of UK tops out as largest foreign investor in USA at $449 billion – CBI


Examining the impact of British business on the American economy, the report finds that as of the end of 2014, the UK had invested $449 billion in the US - $76 billion more than the next largest investor, Japan, and nearly $200 billion more than America’s neighbour, Canada. This represents a weighty 15% share of the $2.9 trillion of foreign direct investment in America. Indian and Chinese investment was much smaller – combined, it did not even approach 1% of FDI into the US.

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British companies supported over one million jobs (1,029,700) across America, nearly a quarter of which (250,800) were in manufacturing. The UK also remains the largest foreign investor in the US manufacturing sector, investing $180 billion in 2014.

American exports to the UK came to $123 billion in 2015 – up $5 billion on 2014 – making Britain the fourth largest destination for US exports for a second year running, and the largest within the European Union by a substantial margin.

Trade in services between the two countries hit highs in 2015. American services exports to the UK rose to $66.9 billion (from $63.2 billion in 2014), whilst US imports of British services climbed to $53 billion (rising from $50 billion in 2014).