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The Treasury minister will go to New York and Washington to meet with a number of successful British businesses based in the US.

HM Treasury

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, has begun a three day visit to the USA today (Monday 23 June), starting in New York, to promote greater trade and investment between the USA and UK.

To support and back US-UK trade the minister will meet with a number of successful British businesses based in the US.

While in New York he will meet with Walkers, Scotland’s largest food exporter.

The family owned and managed company is based in Aberlour in the Scottish Highlands, and employs 1,500 people in its 6 bakeries. Walkers produces award–winning shortbread biscuits, worth some £130 million annually, and exports to over 80 countries, including the US.

The minister will also go to Washington DC, where he will meet with Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business headquartered in London.

Diageo owns some of the world’s most famous Scotch whisky brands and accounts for around 35 percent of Scotch whisky production. The company employs more than 2,000 people in the US which is Diageo’s largest market and also the world’s largest export market for Scotch whisky.

These companies are just two successful examples within one sector from £135 billion (over $200 billion) worth of annual US-UK trade in goods and services.

The US is the UK’s largest trading partner, and the latter is one of the former’s most significant European trading partners. The economic ties between the US and UK are deep and diverse with total investment between the two of £600 billion ($1 trillion) which supports one million jobs in each country.

While in New York and Washington DC, the Chief Secretary will also meet some existing US investors to hear about their investment plans and what more can be done to make the UK an even better location for investment.