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Your Business doesn’t have borders. Why should your wireless plan?

How often do you communicate with colleagues and clients in the UK? Do you restrict your smartphone use because of international roaming charges?

Last year, the Center for Communications Management Information (CCMI)* reported that 40% of enterprises had international mobile roaming charges that exceeded $1,000 per user, per month, and 13% of them reported these same fees exceeding $3,500 per user, per month. Numbers like these inevitably keep professionals from using their smartphones for international communications. In fact, 55% of the enterprises surveyed in this study have specifically created policies restricting international mobile communications. This keeps professionals from using their mobile devices, both when they’re traveling abroad and when they’re at home reaching out to international contacts.

Restrictive mobile policies, while oftentimes necessary to curtail huge wireless bills, have their drawbacks. For instance, in the same report, 20% of respondents indicated that limiting international mobile usage resulted in lost business opportunities. And, 25% stated that it caused their employees lost productivity.

This is why companies have been seeking a wireless solution that will help them ease their international mobility restrictions so they can give their employees the access they need to maintain productivity and facilitate business opportunities.

As today’s businesses operate in a global marketplace, they are bringing the world closer together. Your business is borderless and requires borderless communications. However domestic wireless carriers operate within the borders of their home countries. And they charge exorbitant roaming fees when you travel beyond their home territories. As a result, while your world gets smaller, your mobile bills get larger. This shouldn’t be the case.

A mobile solution for companies like yours

Truphone gives our customers a mobile solution that compliments the way they do international business. The world’s first mobile network operator without country borders, Truphone lets multiple international numbers ring a single smartphone, with one SIM card and one voicemail. As a British American Business Council member, you could have both a UK and US number on your phone, letting your American contacts reach you on your US number and your British contacts reach you on your UK one.

Plus, Truphone’s benefits stretch far beyond the UK. Our wireless plans can be used across the 66 countries that represent 82% of World GDP and include both the world’s 10 largest corporations and top 10 stock exchanges. With Truphone, you can talk, text, surf and download using your smartphone internationally with the same peace of mind and cost predictability you have when you’re home. After all, when you’re communicating between any of these 66 countries, your usage is deducted from your monthly allotments, just like it is when you’re using your phone at home.

You never have to lose another business opportunity because of the high cost of international roaming. With Truphone, you can always be accessible to all of your contacts, no matter whether you’re in your home office, or half way across the world. After all, your business doesn’t have borders. Why should your wireless plan?

For more information about how Truphone is helping international businesses, visit, or call +1 888-99-MOBILE (+1 888 996 6245).

One phone. One SIM. One Plan. 66 Countries.
Truphone. Redefine Local.


*Finneran, Michael F.; “International Mobile Communications: How to Balance Connectivity, Productivity and Cost Concerns”; Center for Communications Management Information (CCMI); October 2013.