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Dance Salad with the English National Ballet


Tickets may be exchanged through the BABC for Friday for Saturday night performances.  Exchanges must be made by Thursday afternoon, 9 April.
This is the English National Ballet's first visit to the US in 30 years.  Houston is their only appearance in the US this year. 


English national BalletDance Salad Festival is a curated, international dance production with performances by companies from around the world, chosen solely for their excellence - an event that can be seen only in Houston, Texas. During the week of Dance Salad Festival, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and Houston International Dance Coalition/Dance Salad Festival will host a Choreographers’ Forum where the audience will have the opportunity to hear from some of the invited Festival choreographers, one of them being David Dawson. This free program is scheduled for April 8, 2009, 6:30 PM at the MFAH Brown Auditorium.


English National Ballet (London, England), England’s foremost touring ballet company, will present David Dawson’s new version of A Million Kisses to My Skin. This remarkable piece is one of Dawson’s milestone works. His distinctive style, based on an abstract and dashing line of dance, is tuned to the cascade of notes from J .S. Bach’s Keyboard Concerto No.1 in D minor. Dawson is admired for his skill in creating stunning stage patterns. The Times of London’s Debra Craine writes: “Dawson’s off-kilter virtuosity sends sparks flying through the ensemble as if determined to knock them all off their perch.”


The English National Ballet is “a flagship company for the nation” with a highly international profile of 67 dancers. Another wonderful presentation by this renowned company for Dance Salad Festival, is the intensely emotional Trois Gnossiennes by legendary Dutch choreographer Hans van Manen, set to music by Erik Satie. Hans van Manen’s work -- now more than hundred pieces -- is known for its clear structure and sophisticated simplicity. His piece is accompanied by live piano music.


Classical, modern and contemporary dance share the Dance Salad Festival stage to form a mix of movement and compelling choreographic invention. Members of some of the world’s best dance companies come to Houston to participate in the week long Festival. Each night’s production is uniquely curated and designed as a coherent, expressive performance; to see the full range of the choreography presented requires attending two of the three evenings. Starting in February 2009, detailed information about each individual night’s performances will be available on the web site


This multicultural presentation has received international recognition for its quality and innovativeness and has consistently been a source of cultural pride for many foreign communities that are represented in Dance Salad Festival. Houston’s 83 member Consular Corps is a community partner and many country members serve as sponsors and hosts. Director Nancy Henderek strongly believes that through the arts we can build bridges between different countries and cultures. Also during that week, master classes will be held in various locations throughout the city so that students and professionals can learn from these invited master choreographers.


Dance Salad Festival has been praised by local, national and international publications. Dance Magazine said: "Producer Nancy Henderek’s eye for some of the best international dance is unparalleled…(Dance Salad Festival) could wind up as the premier contemporary dance festival between the East and West coasts." In a recent special section of The Houston Chronicle entitled "Houston’s Ultimate People," Nancy Henderek is described as a "one-woman United Nations."


Other internationally acclaimed dance companies and choreographers represented in the 2009 Festival come from Germany, Belgium, Hong Kong, Norway, Denmark, Sweden. For more detailed information, please,visit



Organizer Becci Himes


Thu, Apr. 9 - Fri, Apr. 10, 2009
2:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
(GMT-0500) US/Central


Wortham Center, Cullen Theater
Houston, TXDance Salad Festival is a curated, international