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BABC is pleased to welcome back our website sponsor for 2016, Ken Harder and Dunbar Harder PLLC. Dunbar Harder is a long time supporter of the BABC. Ken sits on the BABC board and has worked on the policy issues committee. He is currently heading up our Lunch & Learn programme.

Dunbar Harder PLLPDunbar Harder, PLLC is a Houston based immigration law firm providing effective immigration solutions for businesses and individuals.  The law firm is committed to providing world class legal solutions in an attentive, conscientious environment.  This commitment promotes responsiveness and encourages open channels of communication resulting in effective and constructive decision-making.

Their experienced attorneys and staff have lived, worked and studied throughout the world.  Their international experiences provide them with a global mind-set allowing them to better recognize, appreciate and understand the needs of their business and individual clients.  Dunbar Harder, PLLC prides itself on its capacity to anticipate immigration trends and proactively provide legal advice and guidance to businesses across all sectors, both nationally and internationally.