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BABC's new website lauched last April with an updated and fresh look. Now with the 2016 membership campaign beginning, the new membership module will be activated.

This will require business level members to set up their company account with a single contact for membership housekeeping messages, adding or deleting individuals, updating company contact info, etc..

Once the company is set up, individuals can be added under the company membership at no additional charge. These individuals will receive all information exclusive to membership event, benefit and programme information and access to the database.

Your membership level will determine how many individuals you may add. If you wish to add individuals over your limit but are not quite ready to upgrade to the next membership level, you can add them at $150 per individual.

Our 2016 early enrollment programme offers new members who enroll by December 31, 2015 the opportunity to be placed in a drawing for (2) domestic travel vouchers generously donated by United Airlines and you don't have to wait for January 1 for your membership to kick in.

Existing members renewing early by December 31 are elso eligible for the drawing.

So get started today on your 2016 membership so we can start connecting you to people, information, and opportunities.

Set up your business membership and pay for 2016