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BABC will be accepting applications for board positions in the next two weeks. All applications are reviewed by the current board. Applications accepted and approved by the board will be placed on the slate to be approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting on March 10.

Director Criteria

A Director of the BABC Houston Board would be recruited based on one (or more) of the following criteria:

  1. An individual whose corporate or financial affiliation can provide a source of funds, ‘in kind’ benefits or other resources to the BABC
  2. An individual who has demonstrated a desire to be actively involved in the activities of the BABC and can provide the time,  leadership, motivation and the manpower to execute its programs or help fulfill its needs



  1. A member in good-standing of  BABC Houston
  2. Serve for a term of three years
  3. Management and control of the property, business and affairs of the Council.



  1. To attend and participate in monthly Board meetings, whether in person or by teleconference
    1. Missing two (2) consecutive Board meetings or attending fewer than fifty percent (50%) of all convened Board meetings during a fiscal year, he or she will be contacted by the President to discuss the absences
    2. Missing three (3) or more consecutive Board meetings or attending less than sixty percent (60%) of all convened Board meetings during a fiscal year, he or she may be asked to resign from the Board
  2. To attend the Annual General Meeting
  3. To further the mission of the BABC Houston by serving as a representative and ‘model’ of the council and by promoting professional and ethical conduct among his or her peers.
  4. To work diligently in securing new corporate and individual members during the year in an effort to fulfill targets agreed upon by the Board.

If you are interested in applying, please download the following documents and return to the BABC office via e-mail or fax by February 17, Noon. Please note: Your nomination form must be endorsed by 5 BABC members in good standing. No more than one endoser from a company, please. 


Board Application

Conflict of Interest Policy

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire 

Director's Code of Ethics