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BAGOL 2017

British American Group of Lawyers & Accountants

 This year's BABC annual Transatlantic Business Conference in Chicago on Wednesday, May 10 and Thursday, May 11, comes at a time when, in the wake of the events of 2016 - in particular the Brexit vote and the US election - the face of Transatlantic trade and Investment is inevitably going to be experiencing some major developments. These changes will be not only reflective in the many facets of the trading relationship between the US and the UK but also in the legal underpinnings of those facets.  
Each year in conjunction with Transatlantic Conference, the British American Group of Lawyers and Accountants/BAGOL meet to discuss the events of the previous year and the impact they will have. 

The BABC/BAGOL combination is a great and very affordable value-added package for anyone involved with British-American business organizations and Transatlantic business and /or legal matters generally, and the networking opportunities are excellent. 
  • BAGOL 2017 is free for all BABC members. 
  • CLE and CPD credits will be applied for.