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Poppy-Appeal.jpgThe Royal British Legion created the Poppy Appeal to help those returning from the First World War. A century on from the start of that conflict, they are still helping today's British Armed Forces families in much the same way, whether coping with bereavement, living with disability, or finding employment.

The poppy is a powerful symbol - it is worn to commemorate the sacrifices of our Armed Forces and to show support to those still serving today and their loved ones.

Money raised through the Poppy Appeal goes directly to their welfare work, providing through-life care to anyone who currently serves in the British Armed Forces, who has previously served, and their families. This could include supporting:

  • Bereaved families to cope after the loss of a loved one
  • Those leaving the Forces into work and housing
  • Older veterans to get the care and support they need and deserve.

The Legion's vital welfare work is entirely dependent on the public's support – so please give generously and wear your poppy with pride, knowing that with your donation you can help all of these people and the entire Armed Forces community to Live On.

BABC Houston has a limited supply of poppies available. If you would like to make a donation and pick up some poppies for your office or organization, please contact Becci Himes at 832-351-3940 or e-mail