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THe BBC is producing a radio documentary called ‘Oil: A Crude History of Britain’, the programme is to be presented by a very distinguished UK broadcaster called James Naughtie.  It is to be run on BBC Radio 4, the national speech and arts network, in 3 half-hour episodes, the first 3 Mondays in September.


The split of the 3-part series is basically:

(1) ‘Black Spring’ – the beginning of the industry in the 70s, things getting started, people first starting to recognise the impact it would have.

(2) ‘Managing the Gold Rush’ – the 80s and 90s, Piper Alpha, oil price crashes, etc.  Did Britain make the most of ‘God’s gift’ of oil?

(3)  ‘Running on Fumes?’ – where is the industry now, where is it headed. 


BBC hopes to be in Houston the first week of August and are really keen to hear from people in Texas who came over to Aberdeen in the 70s and 80s to build the industry.  Stories abound of the Texas oil-men who had their Cadillacs shipped over and got them stuck on old-time hump-back bridges, who brought excitement to a previously uninteresting fishing town, and who, moreover, were really to thank for kick-starting Britain’s North Sea oil boom. BBC is also interested in talking to the spouses and children who followed these adverturers from "sunny Texas to cold, rainy Aberdeen" about their experiences. 

If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact the BABC office at 832-351-3940 or e-mail