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Huw Rothwell Testimonial

Huw Rothwell

When I was offered the opportunity to relocate to Houston in 2011 to launch a new Regional office for my company, one of the first things I did was to contact the BABC Houston Chapter. I met with Becci on my first visit to Houston prior to creating my business plan. Becci Himes was a fantastic source of information and insight on everything from the Houston marketplace to where to live! She provided me with a broad range of contacts from UK Trade & Investment to potential clients for me. If you are looking to launch or expand a business in Houston you must meet with Becci and join BABC. Since 2011 the BABC Houston has provided me with a range of both business and personal connections. Several BABC members have become key business partners; others are key service providers to my business and many have become very good friends. Houston is a well networked city and BABC Houston will get you established and on the map.

 – PetroPlan

Houston , TX  USA