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Muhammad Imran Tahir Testimonial

Muhammad Imran Tahir

LV Shipping USA has strong ties with the United Kingdom and with many offices in U.K; it was only matter of time that Houston be part of the LV Shipping global presence. Having worked overseas in different regions, I believe that BABC is doing a commendable job to provide opportunities for LV Shipping to use its various resources to connect with like-minded individuals across the Houston community.

LV Shipping & Transport provides tailored solutions for Houston specific Oil & Gas, Energy markets to meet the most demanding industry standards and what better way to begin then to network at the world capitol of these industries through BABC. We also strive to be the service provider of choice to all British companies wanting to operate in Houston by offering our logistical support and services for all modes of transportation.

As the Business Development Manager with LV Shipping USA in my 3rd year, we have benefited from BABC’s extensive insight to reach a wider audience for our logistics services by participating at their networking events, luncheons and interesting seminars that connect you with people from different industries to reach out to wider audiences that otherwise might not have been possible.

I highly encourage and recommend you to get connected with Becci Himes at the BABC for your business and unlock more opportunities to grow as did we. 

 – Business Development Manager  – LV Shipping and Transport USA

Houston , TX  USA